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Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the best Mutual Fund Dealer in Ontario and to become a leader in the Financial Planning industry by providing our clients with excellent service and above average investment returns through offering the widest possible range of financial products and services.

WHO ARE THE MoneyWI$E Financial Inc.?

MoneyWI$E Financial is an independently owned and operated mutual fund delearship. We are an association of professional advisors dedicated to building relationships through "Building Wealth for Clients'".

We offer professional investment, tax, accounting, banking, business and legal advice. Our investment advisors help both sophisticated and novice investors to choose a well-balanced investment portfolio to invest in Canada and abroad for immediate and future needs.

MoneyWI$E Financial Inc. believes that investment partnerships are not just about business or money. We seek to provide customers with a long and rewarding relationship built on trust. MoneyWI$E Financial is committed to fostering openness, honesty, confidentiality and respect in its relationship with the clients in order to provide quality solutions to your personal financial needs.

We will work closely with you through your financial cycle, from building assets and protecting capital to planning for a tax efficient method for the distribution of your assets upon your death.

Thus, over time as your needs and priorities change, and if your life take some turns like marriage, education, birth of a child or grandchild, or retirement, you advisor will adjust your Investment Policy Statement. Additionally, the market's movements could create a need for occasional re-balancing of your portfolio.

For these reasons your advisor will meet with you and if need be, recommend adjustments in order to ensure that your portfolio continues to meet your changing goals and objectives. This will allow you to relax, without having to worry about details.

HOW CAN MoneyWI$E Financial Inc. HELP?

Faced with a complex array of products and services, ever changing tax laws, and uncertain investment climate, you need WI$E advisors to guide you into right direction so that you make the right investment choices.

With the explosion in the size of the Canadian mutual fund industry, building a mutual fund portfolio for retirement, education, and investment planning requires a great deal of time and expertise.

Today, there are over 2,200 mutual funds in Canada and over 22,000 in the world to choose from. But, unfortunately, Canadians have invested over $73.5 billion in consistently underachieving funds!

At MoneyWI$E Financial, our investment group will assist you in ensuring that you do not have one of the above worst performing funds in your portfolio. We shall assist you with the otherwise daunting task of building and maintaining a good mutual fund portfolio through Optimal Portfolio Management.

Optimal Portfolio Management is considered the absolute key to wealth accumulation. And, Asset Allocation (the art of maximizing returns and minimizing risks by assigning the optimal proportions of stocks, bonds, cash, and other asset classes such as gold or real estate) will get you there. Numerous research continues to show that asset allocation accounts for 92% of the variation in actual returns between different portfolios. Thus, it is not just what securities you will hold, but more importantly, in what proportion!


At MoneyWI$E Financial, we put clients' needs first. Our professional investment team is different from other financial groups:

The client comes first: unique to the industry, our investment team is not pressured to meet personal sales targets or quotas.

The client comes first: unique to the industry, our advisors will not be allowed to have more than 200 relationships.

The client comes first: there is no company recommended portfolio. Our professional team recommends investments based on their record of long-term performance and not on other non-performance related objectives.

The client comes first: preservation of client's capital is our primary long-term objective. MoneyWI$E Financial believes in a conservative, tax effective and diversified approach to investing utilizing mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other investment vehicles.

The client comes first: we recommend only those investments that we would personally hold in our portfolio, and only if we are convinced it offers good value with positive growth potential. This provides a greater margin of safety.

Call: MoneyWI$E Financial Inc. at (905) 883 - RRSP (7777)
Fax: (905) 883 - 7778
Address: 120 A Lucas Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C 4P5 Canada

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