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Our Portfolio Evaluation is an Objective Process

The first move starts with you - We Listen To You
Before we do anything, we ask you questions and carefully listen as you explain your investment objectives, such as your need for safety, growth, and income; your risk tolerance; your tax situation; your time horizons; your other assets; your performance objectives; and your special financial considerations. Then will we ask for a copy of your current portfolio, if you have one.

Next, we undertake a Comprehensive Analysis of your Current Holdings
A MoneyWI$E Financial Advisor will then perform a personalized, multi-dimensional Needs Analysis, after which we will develop a custom tailored Investment Policy Statement (IPS) comprehending Optimal Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation techniques (the art of maximizing returns and minimizing risks by assigning the optimal proportions of stocks, bonds, cash, and other asset classes such as gold or real estate).

Numerous research continues to show that Asset Allocation accounts for 92% of the variation in actual returns between different portfolios. Thus, it is not just what securities you will hold, but more importantly, in what proportion! The IPS will hence be the basic blueprint for the design and creation of a plan that is specific to your needs and objectives. What you will end up with after this procedure is a comprehensive evaluation (which will be kept strictly confidential).

The Final Step
Finally, after we have completed your Needs Analysis, and developed an IPS, we take the results of our research and compare it to the criteria you outlined at our first meeting. If your portfolio is properly structured we will tell you so. If we feel changes should be made, you will be informed of these recommendations.

Should you then decide to allow us to help you in the future management of your portfolio, we commit to "Opening Doors to Financial Security" for you and your family.

At MoneyWI$E Financial, performance is the essential element when selecting an appropriate investment portfolio.

We analyze your current portfolio, by blending your investment objectives with our sense of current market conditions. We use numerous resources such as quantitative, fundamental, economic and financial analysis; and refer to industry publications, and software data before we develop a portfolio based on your Investment Policy Statement.

We also compare standard deviation and risk versus return and evaluate others statistical values (standard deviation, Alpha and Beta ratios, Sharpe, Treynor values, correlation etc.) of numerous mutual funds after which we will offer you our best opinion on the quality and suitability of the securities you presently own, answering questions such as:

  • What is our current outlook for your mutual funds, stocks and bonds?
  • Is the mix between your cash, fixed income and your equity holdings appropriate?
  • Is the risk level suitable for you?
  • What adjustments should you make?

Mutual Fund Picking Techniques
How do the professionals choose their investments? Analysts fall into two main camps — "fundamental" and "technical" .

Fundamental analysts look at the value of a company — its financial statements, products, market prospects, and so on. Technical analysts primarily examine market trends and a stock’s trading statistics, using charts or algorithms, to predict the best sell and buy points.

Sectoral Analysis
Another type of analysis involves "sectoral rotation," and is also common among mutual fund managers. Different economic sectors have different cyclical patterns — in consumer–led recoveries, for example, the housing and retail sectors may pick up first, manufacturing follows, and then the resource industries gear up. Some sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, can be relatively recession–proof. Fund managers will look for value, but will buy more heavily into certain sectors at certain times.

The issue of analytical styles is more than academic. If you buy mutual funds and want to be truly well as different assets.

We are not market timers and hence reject stocks or funds based on short-term performance. Our recommendation is based on long-term outlook with at least a five-year time horizon to provide for a smooth sailing towards attaining your goals.

Moreover, we recommend only those investments that we would personally hold in our portfolio, and only if we are convinced it offers good value with positive growth potential. This provides a greater margin of safety.

Call: MoneyWI$E Financial Inc. at (905) 883 - RRSP (7777)
Fax: (905) 883 - 7778
Address: 120 A Lucas Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C 4P5 Canada
Email: inquire@moneywisefinancial.com

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